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MagSOL Labs is a technology company focused on
Innovation through hardware product development.

Let us help take your product from concept to customer.

Our goal is to act as a catalyst to your hardware business. We add technical value by helping you design and manufacture your own electronic hardware products.
We provide our clients with end-to-end product development, and engineering design services.

Solutions & Services

Our End-to-End product development services are very flexible to help assist you at any stage in your project.

Planning & HW Business

Hardware Product Management
Project Management & Schedule
New Product Introduction
Early Design Innovation Studies
Certification Testing Plan

Design & Architecture

3D CAD Modeling
Industrial Design
Concept Sketching
Electrical Architecture
SW & OS Design

Hardware Engineering

Mechanical Design
Electronics & PCBA
Wireless RF Technologies
Antenna Design

Prototype Development

Functional Prototypes
Electronic Prototypes
3D Printing & Beyond
Design Validation & Testing
ESD/EMI & Pre-Cert Testing

Manufacturing & Mass Production

Design for Manufacturing
Full-Scale Manufacturing
Packaging & Assembly
Quality Assurance
Manufacturing “Rescue”

About us

Our experience is what makes us who we are.

MagSOL Labs was founded in 2014 (Chicago, IL) by a group of passionate hardware engineers with a seasoned history in smart phone design and product development.

Today, we are pleased to offer our clients an un-rivaled hardware design service. We leverage our team’s unique skill-sets, diverse product design experience, and global network of suppliers & manufacturing partners to create a magnificent solution.

Our team is excited to work on cool innovative products and is ready to bring many years of product development experience to make your hardware projects a success.

“Our customers want
innovation now,
not tomorrow.”
unique projects
+250 M
udevice shipped


With our Clients we develop over 85 unique projects
Conveyers, assembly fixtures, automation
Consumer electronics, mobile devices
PCB, design and manufacturing
Automatic Test Fixtures


Let us know how we can help you

MagSOL Labs is a technology company focused on hardware design. Our goal is to create innovative products that excite and empower people. Our international headquarters is located in Chicago, IL, USA.

Phone1: 224-424-3790
Phone2: 847-644-3614

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